Patchwork Student Journal

Patchwork is a journal edited by students of English from the Department of English at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. The first issue of the journal was published in 2015.

Patchwork Student Journal accepts student papers on any topic regarding English literature and culture, linguistics, translation studies and TEFL. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to send us their papers!

Besides the regular yearly issue of the journal, Patchwork also publishes a topical issue in collaboration with the English Student Club X.a., in which you can find the articles presented on Anglophonia international student conferences.

This journal was started in order to offer students a platform for publishing their own research papers and thus encourage students’ research endeavors and their academic development.

Patchwork Student Journal is published by the Department of English, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb). The journal is edited by students of English.

The current editorial board of the Patchwork Student Journal consists of three members:

Saša Budimski


Mihael Željko Crnčec

Luka Jurić

American Studies

Alongside the current editorial board, Ana Popović and Dorotea Sinković serve as Patchwork’s honorary editors.

Ana Popović and Dorotea Sinković started this ambitious project to give students an opportunity to hone their research and academic skills, for which we are forever indebted to them. As the original editors of the journal, they serve as Patchwork’s honorary editors.

Besides them, we would also like to mention our predecessors. Kristina Grgurić, Nives Kovačić and Ana Vukasović were the previous editors of the Patchwork Student Journal. Their continuous help has been of immense importance, for which we are extremely grateful.